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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I was in charge of the Photo Booth at our ward trunk or treat... I think it was a hit- at least for me. It was my favorite part of the night! Heath was a coach, McKinnley was a minion, Maclynn when the ladybug, I was the ladybug's Mom, Madison was a Grandma, Kade was a Grandpa minus his bald cap, Maizie was a 50's girl, Millie was a tree fairy... Although she would say a tree.

Happy Halloween!!


newport1995 said...

Awesome group shot! Wish I had been there to take pix with ya! Happy Boo Day!

Alli Hunter said...

Kelly!! It was so fun to read your recent posts, and I think we are the last of a dying breed! But please keep posting! It was so fun to see your comment on my post too, I'm glad someone out there still reads it besides Stoney :) Your cruise looked amazing and I love that you took Mac along, she is beautiful!!

Alli Hunter said...

Hey Lady, how are ya?! I'm wondering if you've moved? I don't think you have cause I don't remember reading about it on your blog, but you never know! I can be a little spacey these days :) If you did will you let me know your new address, I want to send you a Christmas card! XOXO!